Webinar Recording Online: Business and the Minimum Wage

Submitted by Natasha Pei on April 26, 2018 - 4:30am
A webinar featuring Catherine Ludgate and Greg Durocher

Two business leaders from B.C. and Ontario – Living Wage Advocate, Catherine Ludgate, Manager of Community Investment at Vancity (Canada’s largest Credit Union with $25 billion in assets); and Greg Durocher, Advocate for small business and a Chamber Executive of the Year for Canada  - who will share with us two very different views on the $15 per hour wage increases and challenge our assumptions about what the new minimum means for us and our economies. They will share insights based on their business experience, and suggest how employers and employees can prepare for the upcoming changes.

The $15 minimum wage will come into effect in Alberta this October; Ontario will see $15 become a reality as of January 1, 2019; and B.C. has recently committed to hitting $15.20 by 2021. In the national and regional headlines we are seeing advocates insist that the increases are too quick for businesses to keep pace, or too slow for workers struggling to make ends meet.

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