Studying Models for Neighbourhood-Based Poverty Reduction Strategies

Submitted by Natasha Pei on November 18, 2016 - 5:44am
An Online Learning Series

This fall our Vibrant Communities Canada and Deepening Communities teams are collaborating on studying Neighbourhood-Based Strategies that Reduce Poverty. Over the course of three webinars, we are working with our partners to understand various models of place-based poverty reduction strategies that are identifying assets in targeted neighbourhoods, and building individual and community capacity. See where we are so far:

1. Parkdale, Toronto's Neighbourhood Land Trust Model

Victor Willis of Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre (PARC) and Nancy Henderson of Parkdale Community Legal Services

2. Edmonton, Alberta's 1000 Families Initiative and Sustainable Livelihoods

Anne Smith and Anna Bubel of United Way of the Alberta Capital Region 

3. Baltimore, Maryland's Promise Neighbourhood Approach

Stacey B. Stephens of B'more for Healthy Babies Upton and Druid Heights and Jessica Pizarek of PolicyLink

Catch the live session! - December 8, 2016 from 1:00-2:00 pm EST