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Natasha Pei's blog

Get to KNOW Poverty: The 2018 Poverty Studies Summer Institute

Introducing the Poverty Studies Summer Institute, 3 one-week learning sessions between May 28-June 15

Webinar Recording Online: Business and the Minimum Wage

Listen to the discussion on the new $15 minimum wage from business leaders with two very different views on the wage increases. Including, how do non-profits and small businesses rise to meet these wages?

Recording Online: Innovative Tools for Poverty Reduction Practitioners - Whole System Collaborative Outcome Mapping

This webinar will introduce you to the whole system collaboration outcome mapping (COM) framework, provide examples of how it has been used by communities doing collaborative poverty reduction work, and offer you tools to implement it in your own collective impact work.

Recording Online: Strengthen Your Poverty Reduction Work - Engaging with the Health Sector

This webinar with Trish Garner and Gary Bloch will discuss integrating the Social Determinants of Health lens with collaborative poverty reduction work and provide specific areas of contributions for health providers at the poverty roundtable.

Recording Online: 211 - A Tool for Alleviating Poverty

This webinar will explore how 211 is increasingly being leveraged by a wide range of stakeholders – people with lived experience, social service agencies, researchers and social planners, governments and other funders – to effectively address poverty.

A Vibrant Poverty Reduction Plan in Nova Scotia

The Government of Nova Scotia's 2017-2018 budget includes a line of $2 Million dollar for creating and implementing a Poverty Reduction Plan. Learn more about how their request for proposals will foster more vibrant communities.

Recording Now Online: A New Vision for Income Security

This webinar explores the guiding principles, concepts, and objectives that allowed for the Government of Ontario's fundamental shift in income security strategy - from ideology to practical application.

Recording Online: Measuring Up to Poverty Reduction in Rural B.C.

Access the webinar recording to explore collaborative efforts of rural and remote communities acting on poverty in B.C., and their approach to developing indicators for measuring poverty and impacts of poverty reduction efforts over time.

Recording Online: TRC #92: Youth Employment in Winnipeg

In October 2016 the Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Council (WPRC) embarked on a new initiative called TRC92: Youth Employment. This innovative initiative is guided by the 92nd Call to Action in the Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (2015).

Recording Online: Leveraging Systems Thinking to Improve Community Partnerships

Learn how shifting away from linear thinking patterns to systems thinking can lead to improved cross-community collaborations and achieve sustainable solutions to complex social issues.