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More about the Game-Changer Approach to Poverty Reduction

Comparing and contrasting Vibrant Communities Canada's new Game Changer approach and the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH).

Mandatory Winter Tires and Poverty

The mandatory winter tire debate - another example of public policy in which people who "have" make decisions that unequally burden people who "have-not" or "barely-have".

Watch Out for the Solution Bias

As we develop a new idea, program, or policy to address a significant problem, if we are not careful, we may solely focus on the positive changes we are working on, and fail to see the challenges or negative impacts of what we are creating. This is solution-bias.

Movement Building and Collective Impact

Comparing and contrasting the Collective Impact approach with the movement building process.

Thinking about the Charity Model and Systems Change Debate

Integrative Thinking is the ability to hold and work with opposing views simultaneously. This is a look at how integrative thinking is applicable to the non-profit sector, with the Charity Model and Systems Change debate.

Disruptive Innovation: a Type of Upside Down Thinking

Disruptive Innovation, like Upside Down Thinking, is about changing the norms of doing business. In the private sector, entrepreneurs know how difficult, if not impossible, it is to break into an existing market dominated by those companies with huge market share.

About Crowd Funding

This is the second posting in a series on resource development. In this post, I am writing about the most common type of Crowd Funding today which allows anyone to donate their money to anything that gets posted on an Internet-based Crowd Funding website.

Trends Leaders Cannot Ignore

In September I am doing six workshops at Tamarack’s Community Change Institute. One of the workshops is: Ten Trends Leaders Cannot Ignore. Here is a sneak peek at a few trends I am tracking right now that I believe qualify for some substantive, authentic attention by our political, economic, and community leaders.

Five Elements of Strategic Resource Development

It’s tough out there for non-profits and social causes when it comes to raising money, especially money for core operations and services. All of the seed grants, innovation grants, or target specific project grants are fine and dandy, but the growth in sustainable funding is not growing, is it?

Signals of Coming Disruption

Mark Holmgren discusses the incompatibility of helping Canada's poorest and maintaining the current state of our economy.