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Collective Impact for Poverty Reduction

How do we think about poverty? How do our communities think about poverty? These are the answers we need to understand to create an local, inclusive poverty reduction strategy.

Making the Business Case to Reduce Poverty

Challenges like poverty need more than single sector solutions. In Vibrant Communities, business leadership has been pivotal in creating direct benefits for citizens.

A National Movement: Cities Reducing Poverty

Learn about the movement

Moving the Needle on Poverty – A Made in Canada Approach

Using Collective Impact as the framework for a poverty reduction movement in Canada.

What does a vibrant community mean to me?

Leading up to the Poverty Reduction Summit in May, we are asking folks what a vibrant community means to them and what we can do to create vibrant communities for everyone.

Living SJ – Collective Impact and Community Change

An exciting time in Saint John, New Brunswick where they recently launched their new social renewal strategy, Living SJ. This project includes business, government, communities, and the public sector all collaborating to improve the quality of their neighbourhoods.

Four days in Ireland

Liz Weaver reflects on recent trip to Ireland for the Rights, Restructuring and Results Conference

Snapping Forward, Snapping Back

Tamarack just finished hosting the first ever Collective Impact Summit (CIS) in Toronto, Ontario in October 2014. Here are some of my reflections.

Doing Different With Less

It is a conundrum. How exactly do we ‘do different with less’ when so many of the structures and systems that we work within want us to do more with less?

A container for collective impact

Building a container, a holding space, or holding the centre are all useful practices for Collective Impact.