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Be A Light Scholarship: Nusrat's Story

“I think there’s a momentum right now that we can carry on and build on. I think this poverty reduction summit was very, very timely," said Nusrat, a McMaster University student.

Be A Light Scholarship: Scott’s Story

Attending the Cities Reducing Poverty summit was an important stepping stone, he said, as he rebuilds his life after experiencing homelessness.

Poverty reduction is a "total team effort"

The mayors of Edmonton and Hamilton share their thoughts on challenges and progress in poverty reduction in Canada.

Bringing all voices to the table

Every gift, big or small, makes a difference. Learn about Tamarack's Be A Light Scholarship Fund

Three Key Components of Effective Donor Communication

In the non-profit sector, it's worthwhile knowing a few techniques of persuasive writing that are common in donor communications. They will strengthen your case by making it more human, more engaging, and more aligned with the donor’s perspective.

Upside-Down Thinking: A Way to Fuel Change

“Change doesn’t happen unless we’re disruptive,” he said. “Learning doesn’t happen unless we’re disruptive. By its nature, learning disrupts what we ‘know.’.”