Donna Jean Forster-Gill's blog

10 Ways Vibrant Communities Are Reducing Poverty

A reflection on 10 effective ways that members of the Vibrant Communities network are reducing poverty.

Cities Reducing Poverty - 2013 Accomplishments, 2014 Priorities

A collection of updates from members of the Cities Reducing Poverty network on the local work of poverty reduction across Canada.

Engaging with Municipal and Provincial Governments on Poverty Reduction

The Convener Community of Practice hosted a call about Engaging with Municipal and Provincial/Territorial Governments

Cities That Lead, Succeed: Making the Case for Shared Prosperity

A collectively generated document that makes the case for Canada's Municipalities to lead in reducing poverty and create a vibrant community for all residents.

Canada's Living Wage Movement

On March 25, 2014 over 60 Living Wage leaders gathered together to connect, learn and seed a movement - this is the details of that gathering along with videos and more.

Cities Reducing Poverty in 2014

The 4th Annual Gathering of Cities Reducing Poverty met on March 26-27, 2014 in Toronto, ON. These are the notes from that gathering and the highlights of the priorities the network will be advancing through 2014.

Partnership Grant Learning Project - A Report on Capacity Building

A report featuring the use of Most Significant Change, Outcome Harvesting and Network Mapping as evaluation processes of 26 grantees in Ontario. All were funded by Ontario Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration to work at Capacity Building in the non-profit sector.

Cities Connect - February 2014

A weekly news update for communities in the Cities Reducing Poverty network and others working to reduce poverty and create vibrant communities in Canada.

Cities Connect - January 2014

A weekly blog of updates from the Cities Reducing Poverty network, resources and tools for poverty reduction across Canada.

Cities Connect - December 2013

A weekly blog of member community updates, tools and other poverty reduction news and resources from across Canada.