Neighbourhood-Based Strategies & Poverty Reduction

Submitted by Devon Kerslake on October 21, 2016 - 10:05am
A Vibrant Communities Canada and Deepening Community Cross-over Series

Some of us at Tamarack Institute have been asking ourselves lately: what are the unique features of approaching poverty reduction at the neighbourhood level? 

We have decided to join forces and host a free series that explores the idea of Neighbourhood-Based Strategies that Reduce Poverty.

The first part of the series: The Parkdale People's Economy Project, to be held at 1pm EST on Oct 27, will feature Victor Willis, Executive Director of PARC, and  Nancy Henderson, clinic Director at the Parkdale Community Legal Services. These two will share his lessons and challenges about how diverse organizations have worked collectively to move beyond organizational boundaries and build more equitable local economies.

Specifically, we will explore how the network of community organizations in Parkdale – one of the few remaining affordable downtown neighbourhoods in Toronto – have undertaken an extensive community-driven planning initiatives to develop their own neighbourhood strategy to guide the future of neighbourhood change in an equitable direction.

We can't wait to get in to this conversation with Victor Willis and Nancy Henderson!


Parkdale is the perfect choice to kick off the series:

In her terrific blog that recently reported on a bus tour several members were lucky enought to attend at CCI 2016, Kirsti Battista emphasized:

"The remarkable relationships and activities taking place in Parkdale provide an incredible example of what a committed group of citizens can do to support an at-risk inner city neighbourhood."

Click on the link to learn more and REGISTER for this wonderful opportunity.


*This blog was originally posted over at the Deepening Community community site