Caledon blogs about social finance

Submitted by Anne Makhoul on March 7, 2012 - 1:01pm
Social Purchase for Social Purpose


Caledon Vice President Sherri Torjman wrote a series of blogs in January 2012 for  Published by MaRS Innovation Centre in Toronto and now republished as a Caledon commentary, Torjman makes the case that governments generally, and municipal governments in particular, can support social enterprises through procurement policy.  

For example, governments can include a community benefits clause in all contracts to promote the training and employment of groups typically marginalized from the labour market, and to help foster links between business and the voluntary sector. 

Torjman presents a clear picture of the practical ways in which selected cities – Hamilton, Calgary and Vancouver – have begun to embed social purpose (the value of social inclusion) into everyday purchasing policies and decisions.  She makes a compelling case for social procurement as a rich vein to be tapped, particularly as traditional revenue sources run dry.