New Resource: Evaluations that Work - What the Non-Profit Sector Can Learn from ONN and Vibrant Communities

Submitted by Alison Homer on June 22, 2016 - 11:21am
A Podcast

Evaluations “work” when they lead to insight and action. We all know that the process can be resource-intensive, so it is important for us to maximize the probability of getting it right! In this webinar, two leading learning institutes, the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) and Tamarack's Vibrant Communities Canada, will unpack real-life stories from Cities Reducing Poverty members to identify cases where evaluation worked really well. Together we identify how they achieved exceptional success, and top takeaway points for the non-profit sector.

Watch the Recording

  • Andrew Taylor and Ben Liadsky - Ontario Nonprofit Network - Sector Driven Evaluation Strategy - 3:39
  • Adam Vasey - Pathway to Potential - Market Dollars Program - 11:45
  • Melanie Hientz - Living SJ - 22:09
  • Elena DiBattista - Halton's Our Kids Network - 31:25
  • Questions and Answers - 43:15

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