Cities Reducing Poverty: 2017 Membership is Now Open

Submitted by Alison Homer on January 26, 2017 - 10:10am
What is the Cities Reducing Poverty Network?

What is the Vibrant Communities Canada Cities Reducing Poverty Network?

The Vibrant Communities Canada Cities Reducing Poverty (VCC-CRP) Network is a collective impact movement aimed at reducing poverty for 1 million Canadians through the efforts of local multi-sectoral roundtables and the alignment of poverty reduction strategies at the local, municipal and federal levels. Every year, more cities join this pan-Canadian initiative, helping to strengthen a networked learning community of over 100 cities working to reduce and eradicate poverty.

Top 10 Things to Know about VCC-CRP Members

The VCC-CRP network grew from only a handful of members in 2002 to an incredibly diverse network of more than 50 cities, towns, and regions in 2016. Some key facts about our network include:

  1. VCC-CRP initiatives have been operating from less than one year to more than ten years.
  2. The majority of VCC-CRP members work within counties, municipalities and regions.
  3. VCC-CRP members collectively reported over $4 million in 2015 revenues, with a median of $60,000.
  4. In 2016, VCC-CRP members reported receiving support from a total of 744 part-time volunteers.
  5. Nine in ten VCC-CRP members have a leadership roundtable, committee or taskforce in place.
  6. Non-profits and municipalities are the most common convenor type.
  7. The most common governance structure is a collective or cooperative model.
  8. VCC-CRP members are active on social media, together hosting 31,732 page views per month, 18,529 Twitter followers, and 6,826 Facebook likes.
  9. Members actively engage governments, organizations and communities in their work through strategies such as multi-sectoral collaboration, presentations, forums and events.
  10. Members’ partnerships are broad-based, and include ties to governments, public/non-profit/private sectors, funders, academic institutions, and priority groups.

Top 10 Areas within which VCC-CRP Members Work

VCC-CRP members access a space for ongoing dialogue and networking, continually supporting each other through the sharing of experiences, best practices and lessons learned. They inspire one another with “ideas that work”, build momentum, and report feeling “part of something bigger”. Key areas within which VCC-CRP members work include:

  1. Engaging in Collective Impact
  2. Creating multi-sectoral partnerships and collaborations
  3. Developing plans, frameworks, and strategies
  4. Conducting research, community asset mapping, and evaluation
  5. Hosting community conversations and consultations
  6. Writing communications and publications (e.g. print and social media, reports, and tools)
  7. Leading in community development efforts
  8. Promoting awareness, educationand inclusion
  9. Building community assets andinfluencing policy change (e.g. within income and employment, housing, transportation, education, health, early childhood development, food security, and financial empowerment)
  10. Strengthening systems (e.g. coordinating and streamlining services, expanding partnerships initiating action teams, meaningfully involving people with lived experience, and enhancing and reforming funding)

Top 5 Benefits of VCC-CRP Membership

In 2016, VCC-CRP members reported that membership expanded their perspectives, motivation, commitment and capacities, and lent credibility to their work. Tangible benefits of membership include:

  1. Two complimentary passes to the annual poverty reduction summit
  2. A matched coaching credit to hire professional or peer coaches
  3. Discounts for your roundtable members to attend Tamarack learning events
  4. Access to monthly webinars about various poverty reduction models approaches
  5. Participation in professional communities of practice and action teams

Strengthen our collective ability to fight systemic poverty. Join Vibrant Communities Canada’s Cities Reducing Poverty network today!

2017 membership is now open! For all membership enquiries please reach out to Kirsti.