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Alison Homer's blog

Cities Reducing Poverty: 2017 Membership is Now Open

The Vibrant Communities Canada Cities Reducing Poverty (VCC-CRP) Network is a collective impact movement aimed at reducing poverty for 1 million Canadians through the efforts of local multi-sectoral roundtables and the alignment of poverty reduction strategies at the local, municipal and federal levels.

Winnipeg’s TRC92: Youth Employment: Co-creating Innovative Strategies for Indigenous Employment

TRC92: Youth Employment is guided by the 92nd Call to Action in the 2015 Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report which calls upon the corporate sector

Towards a Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy: What We Heard About Poverty So Far

ESDC's Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy: What We Heard About Poverty So Far report was released on Tuesday February 20th by the Honourable Jean Yves Duclos and ESDC. Canada's first-ever Canadian Poverty Reduction strategy will draw on findings from this report, and is expected to be released in late 2018.

Strength in numbers: Targeting labour force participation to improve prosperity in Ontario

This report analyzes the labour force participation rate of youth, women, older workers, and Indigenous Peoples in Ontario, and speaks to how removing barriers faced by these groups can help close Ontario's prosperity gap and add $54 billion to the economy.

Tackling poverty together: What it is like to live in poverty in Canada and how the federal government can help

The Tackling Poverty Together project engaged six communities about challenges faced by people living in poverty, how federal government programs are helping, and where more support is needed.

Towards a Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy

Tamarack’s Vibrant Communities Canada (VCC) is contributing to the Government of Canada’s large-scale public engagement process towards a federal Canadian poverty reduction strategy. VCC submitted this brief to HUMA, as part of their study of poverty reduction strategies.

New Recording: Measurement and Evaluation of Community Engagement

In this webinar, Mark Holmgren shares insights on how to measure community engagement initiatives that are focused on capacity building within a targeted community, and offers some best practice advice on community engagement tools to assist your engagement efforts.

TEN: A Guide For Businesses Reducing Poverty

10 – A Guide for Businesses Reducing Poverty is about what can happen when businesses large and small are engaged in poverty reduction. It contains inspiring accounts of how business leaders and their colleagues are having success in improving lives and community conditions nationwide.

2017 Cities Reducing Poverty Awards

The 2017 Cities Reducing Poverty Awards recognized individuals and initiatives who have gone above and beyond in their poverty reduction work, and who have made outstanding contributions to the field of poverty reduction.

Reflective Conversations and Collaborative Sense-Making Processes

Tammy Horne of WellQuest Consulting Ltd. shares her recommendations on incorporating reflective conversations and collaborative sense-making processes to our work, in order to further evaluative thinking and an appreciation for learning.