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Endeavour, Resolution, and the Children of Peace: Lessons from history for the fight against poverty

Alan Broadbent shares his speech from the poverty reduction summit, Cities Reducing Poverty: When Business is Engaged

Poverty is constructed – it can be un-constructed

While poverty is not a choice for those who experience it, it is in fact a choice that we make as a society. Poverty is not an inevitability, it is constructed by the economic and social policies we choose, by which voices we choose to listen to, and by which rights we choose to support and which rights we choose to ignore.

Why poverty reduction? Getting the big things right

Opening remarks from the Poverty Reduction Summit- Why do we need to act on poverty? "We are at a moment in history where there is a flourishing of interest across the country, in the provinces and cities, in coming to the aid of Canadians living in poverty."