Banking on Youth

Submitted by Abbotsford on February 7, 2013 - 5:22pm
Financial Literacy Sessions and Youth-Driven Video

Vibrant Abbotsford’s Banking on Youth project is now complete with 61 youth having participated in 14 Financial Literacy sessions.

Course participants gained knowledge, skills and confidence in financial matters and became better equipped to make positive financial choices that could prevent them from falling into poverty. Youth reported gaining confidence in managing money, hope for their financial futures, understanding of budgets, credit and banking systems and ability to set financial goals and take action. The sessions also inspired some immediate behavior change (e.g. youth reported setting money goals, developing budgets, reducing banking fees, making plans to pay off debt and opening RRSPs/RESPs,GICs and TFSAs).

The second component of the Banking on Youth project was creation of a short film, which empowered youth to share their personal experiences with poverty on-camera. The film will be used to shift attitudes and build community compassion for youth living in poverty, prevent their social exclusion and stimulate public interest in poverty reduction efforts. The video was created over a weekend session by local Abbotsford youth, was facilitated by Reel Youth and was fully youth-driven in content and filming (with the final edit completed by Reel Youth). Find the video online.

Based on the positive outcomes of this project, Vibrant Abbotsford hopes to continue to make Financial Literacy education available to youth in 2013, particularly for additional at-risk youth, those attending alternative schools, Planning 10 classes and youth aged 20-25. Stay tuned to our website for updates!