About vibrantcanada.ca

Why vibrantcanada.ca?

Vibrantcanada.ca is a learning community of members, from diverse sectors, multi-sector roundtables, who share a common interest in reducing poverty, community engagement and collaboration. It is made up of individuals who are united in our desire to see one million people move beyond poverty all across Canada.

Through this site we are creating new opportunities to deepen our own learning; contribute to the learning of others and be part of building Canada's premier community of practice for this work. We are learning with and from one another about how to address the complex issue of poverty and create positive change. We share responsibility and leadership for building vibrant communities across Canada and beyond.

Together, as we advance this field, we are building a body of practice that will strengthen our individual skills while making the work of communities collaborating easier and more effective for the entire field. As practitioners, our experience has taught us that, in this work, the journey is as important as the destination. And, we believe that "The future will belong to the integrators, the networkers and the collaborators. Chance favours the connected mind."

Engage, Learn, Find, and Connect

Members of this community, and the discussions that take place within it, help to create a new and dynamic space - a space that allows you to participate through words, images, resources, and networking. This space invites us into a constant state of engaging, learning, finding and connecting.

By engaging with people and exploring ideas together, we create relationships with one another and deepen our understanding of our shared work through dialogue. It is through this engagement that we deepen our learning about ourselves, others, and the work of collaboration and change within communities. In the spirit of inquiry, we ask that the interactions within this space remain open, curious and respectful of the differences we discover amongst us.

Fostering Community

Conversation is at the heart of a strong community. As community facilitators, we have created this space to host an ongoing dialogue about community engagement, collaborative leadership and change. Through the articles, audio seminars and podcasts, and learning events you will find the latest resources in this field but, this is only the beginning. We hope that you, too, will engage, learn, find, and connect with us and others in this online space. By creating and building your profile in Connect, and contributing to the conversations found on this online space, you are helping to build a dynamic learning community. The success of this space requires your energy, creativity, so that, together, we can cultivate a mutually-supportive community of practice.

You're Always Welcome

In addition to the Vibrant Canada facilitators, this site will introduce you to other community leaders who contribute and are referenced regularly within this online space. Their blogs, comments, profiles, and seminars are meant to further stimulate your learning. Your ideas and contributions to this space are just as important, and are essential to generating the rich diversity of perspectives needed to distil experiences into wisdom.

If you are unsure about how to get started, please contact us at admin@vibrantcanada.ca with your questions or concerns.